Sprouts Class

Our Sprouts class is for children between the ages of 3-5 years old and involves a lot of cooking! Don’t worry for this class all of our meals are child friendly, and if adult super vision is required Miss. Tiffani will be there to assist your children! This class is for the little chef’s that always want to watch mommy and daddy make dinner but can’t help just yet. 3-5 year old's are excellent learners and they are very aware of their surroundings. In this age range, children begin to expand their personalities as well as expand their skill sets.

What Benefits does the class have on your children?

Cooking for an adult may seem like a chore but to a child, it is the ultimate exercise tool! In this class your child will expand on their reading comprehension, following recipes and directions. Your child will also expand on their mathematics; ingredients always call for different forms of measurements. Miss Tiffani will teach your children fractions using the recipes as a live examples. Last but not least, your children will also learn new motor skills! Stirring, mixing, cracking eggs, ext. are all apart of motor skills that will be very useful for your children. The best part about this class is that your children will be learning all these wonderful skills and not even realize it!

Why Kids Learn More At The Village

The Village is special place where your kids can continue to learn and practice all the skills that they learned at school but in a fun environment. Studies have shown that over loading your kids with homework/too much time in the classroom can lead to burn out. The main Goal of the Village is to give your children a fun and safe learning environment outside of the classroom using real world exercises! 


Contact Us

We are located in Marlton New Jersey, right off of exit 4 on the New Jersey Turnpike. If you are interested in our Sprouts class please give us a call at 856-296-3922 or book your spot now clicking here! If you would like to view any of the other classes we have to offer please click here! We hope to hear from you soon!


Monday: 9:30a-3p

Tuesday: 9:30a-6:30p

Wednesday: 9:30a-3p

Thursday: 9:30a-6:30p

Friday: 9:30a-3p 

Special Events: 6p-8p

Saturday: Birthday Parties Only

Sunday: Special Events Only

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