My Story


Tiffani here, mother of three and former school teacher who has come to embrace the good the bad and the bodily fluids of parenting just like you.


I spent my twenties and most of my thirties loving my teaching career. With a degree in elementary and special education, when I turned the lights on in the classroom I knew I was right where I belonged. Then, at 38 years old, I had my first son~at 45 I now have a 2, 5 and 6 year old.  I believe that every child is different. I often wonder how my three kids could have come from the same two people and hear the same thing from other parents. 


As I spent my days climbing out of laundry and cleaning up little hands, faces and toys I was seeking a place to take my kids that appealed to all ages. I couldn’t find it. Using my love of teaching and desire to provide a stress free fun space for all kids and their parents I came up with “Village Square.” It is true that it takes a village and I want to be a part of yours. I promise to provide a judgement free, fulfilling time for you and your children. I got you.