Get Movin Class

Our Get Movin Class is specialized for kids 12-24 months year old. This class is high energy focused and is a great outlet for your children to run around in a safe environment with their parents and other babies! When your kids reach the age of mobility they will become a handful! A baby is easy to control when they can’t go anywhere but once a baby starts moving they never seem to want to stop! This get movin class is the perfect way to learn some techniques and exercise for your child that you can take home!

What Should You Expect

This class is extremely high energy, encouragement is a very big key! We recommend that you get your child to bed on time the night before so they are ready and full of energy! Our class size has a maximum of 12 participants to ensure that all of your children get an equal amount of attention for our instructors here at the Village Square.

What Should You Bring

For this class we recommend you bring everything you would bring if you were going to a park for a couple hours. As you know anything can happen when babies are running around, we recommend bringing a snack for after playtime and an extra set of clothes or some baby wipes! The point of this class is to make get your child moving so make sure you are extra responsive to their movements!


Where are we located?

Village Square is located in Marlton New Jersey off of Exit 4 on the NJ turnpike. We are extremely an extremely accessible location for all neighboring towns. Marlton New Jersey is a nice quite town in southern NJ. We ensure your children will be safe in our hands!


Contact Us

If you have any questions about this class or any of our other classes that we offer please call us at 856-296-3922

If you would like to sign up for this class please click here! We hope to hear from you soon!


Monday: 9:30a-3p

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Wednesday: 9:30a-3p

Thursday: 9:30a-6:30p

Friday: 9:30a-3p 

Special Events: 6p-8p

Saturday: Birthday Parties Only

Sunday: Special Events Only

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