Curious Crawlers

surprised baby

Our Curious crawlers’ class is a mommy and me type of class that allows you and your baby to enjoy time together. The first 10 months are extremely important to a baby’s development, although It is important for babies to learn mobility skills on their own, we also encourage you all to try to teach your babies as much as possible. Village Square is offering a wonderful mobility class for your little critters! This class runs for 45 mins and has a max number of 12 participants to ensure that you and your babies don’t get overwhelmed during the class.

What should you bring?

For this class we recommend you bring some toys and a change of clothes for your child. The purpose of this class is to get your baby as much mobility as possible so be prepared to really give some encouragement! We find that babies do better when they are in an environment with other babies! The learning that they will experience in these 45 mins can sometimes be more impactful than an entire week at home!

What should you expect?

This class is a wonderful experience filled with lots of cuteness! After this 45 minute class, there is a possibility your child will be all tuckered out for the rest of the day!

About Our Location?

We are located in Marlton New Jersey right inside Evesham Township New Jersey! We are right off the New Jersey Turnpike exit 4. Marlton New Jersey is a nice quiet suburban town that is extremely safe and child friendly! Your child will be in good hands with us here at the Village Square.

Contact Us/Booking

If you would like to book a class please click HERE, we have classes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If you have any more questions please feel free to call us at  856-296-3922! If you would like to check out our other classes click here!